Crafted Content

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to deliver the proper content and game experience as close to the original game.

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Progressive Release

Content is released gradually for a longer testing phase to reduce the occurrence of bugs.

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No "Pay to Win"

We are a team of MapleStory fans. We do not earn any profits from our servers nor intend to monetize them. We do this simply for the love of the game.

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Privacy Driven

We understand how important privacy is, that's why we are focused to protecting your data and communications.

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Play casually or competitively. Choose your play style.

Whether you like to play casually or competitively, we make sure you'll have a positive experience playing here by allowing you to choosing your play-style. Select from a competitive style to a casual laid-back experience while adjusting the difficulty to your comfort.

Positive community experience. See for yourself.

We encourage our players to play positively and build lasting relationships and friendships. While this is not always the case, we encourage positive behavior with rewards while our advanced reporting system deals with negative behavior.

Experience the past. Take the first step.

Our server is made in the hope that players can freely experience the nostalgia of MapleStory in a manner that they can enjoy. By allowing the game experience to be adjusted by the player, we hope that our server will revolutionize the Nostalgic MapleStory experience. If you are willing to try us out, feel free to take the first step!