About Us

We are group of dedicated individuals with professional backgrounds and a passion for MapleStory. This project is a means for us to contribute to a game that has brought us many fond memories and an opportunity to share that with the community.

What's Changed?

We currently provide an open-Beta testing environment for our future servers. Right now we are set on fixing remaining bugs and implementing missing content. Here's a list of important things we have fixed or added as of this point:

  • Secure Client Communications (We've received many complaints in the past about players having their accounts or passwords stolen, this should help enhance account security.)
  • Database Optimizations (We've had deadlocks occuring on our database layer)
  • Monster Drop System / 2x Drop Card
  • Pirate Skills
  • Cash Shop (Previously we've had instability where disconnections were frequent; we have also added additional items.)
  • Server Clustering (We can deploy servers geographically to any location in the world)
  • Monster Carnival
  • Revised Drop System (More diverse drops and closer to original rates)
  • More Fixed Quests
  • Zakum / Horntail
  • Hired Merchants / Player Stores
  • Omok / Match Cards
  • Guild PQ
  • Guild Alliances
  • Orbis PQ
  • Pirate PQ

Planned for the future:

  • Wedding Screenshots
  • Amoria PQ
  • Website Enchancements / Features

Future Outlook

We are currently in open-Beta and when we are ready for release, we will be releasing 2 servers with distinct qualities.

  • NostalgicMS - Our typical, casual gameplay server with adjustable rates. Progressive content from v62 to v83.
  • ClassicMS - Our competitive gameplay server with no experience modifiers. Stays at v62.

The main difference between our two servers is the progression of content. Our casual server, NostalgicMS, will progress from v62 to v83 while our competitive server, ClassicMS, will remain on v62. We do not anticipate opening donations, but even if we do we will not be providing any rewards for your donations since we do not want any pay-to-win occurring on our competitive server.

What can I do to help?

You've already performed the first step by choosing us. Additional help could be provided by referring your friends to our open-Beta and/or submitting bug reports on our Bug Tracker. Thank you for your continued support.