ClassicMS v2.1

Hi everyone,

As promised we have updated ClassicMS to v2.1 and the changes are huge. To list, we have completed the following items:

  • Monster Drop System - Significantly lower drop rates closer to the original MapleStory drop rates
  • Speed Infusion - This was a tricky skill to fix, it actually stacks with booster properly now.
  • Cash Shop - No longer known as "Crash Shop"
  • Server Clustering - We can now host channels in different geographical locations to reduce lag.
  • Monster Carnival - Yes, Monster Carnival works. We've worked on this extensively.

For v2.2, we have the following planned for release:

  • Zakum / Horntail
  • Omok / Player Stores
  • PQs (Sharenian, Orbis, Pirate)
  • Guild Alliances


As always, thanks for your support and we look forward to your continued support. We hope your playing experience here is enjoyable and it is our main emphasis that your time spent here is worthwhile.


Best Regards,