ClassicMS Relaunch

ClassicMS has relaunched in June 2020 with new features stated as below, we hope you give ClassicMS a try as we have also planned new upcoming features such as Wedding and Amoria Party Quest. There will also be events to look forward to as we will do our best to make everyone have a nostalgic and fun game to play. 


  • Secure Client Communications (We've received many complaints in the past about players having their accounts or passwords stolen, this should help enhance account security.)
  • Database Optimizations (We've had deadlocks occuring on our database layer)
  • Monster Drop System / 2x Drop Card
  • Pirate Skills
  • Cash Shop (Previously we've had instability where disconnections were frequent; we have also added additional items.)
  • Server Clustering (We can deploy servers geographically to any location in the world)
  • Monster Carnival
  • Revised Drop System (More diverse drops and closer to original rates)
  • More Fixed Quests
  • Zakum / Horntail
  • Hired Merchants / Player Stores
  • Omok / Match Cards
  • Guild PQ
  • Guild Alliances
  • Orbis PQ
  • Pirate PQ


ClassicMS Staff